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Pulseband is a wearable device that has the ability to measure blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, and steps. My team was tasked with designing an app that would display these health metrics to the users. The team was made up of one UX designer (me), one product designer, and one UI designer. This conceptual project was completed in three weeks during my time at DESIGNATION.

Project Overview

We developed a research plan to help us understand user needs and the requirements for the product. We conducted several subject matter expert and user interviews. 


For the user interviews, we talked to people who suffer from high blood pressure or might be at a risk of having high blood pressure later in life. We sought to understand their daily routines, common struggles, and things they were doing to try to mitigate the health risks. A sample of user responses is shown below. 



We also interviewed health professionals in order to understand common patient hurdles, their recommendations to patients who suffer from high blood pressure, predictions of heart health, and how technology might be beneficial in this area of medicine. Some of their reponses are shown below. 



Through our research, we discovered some key takeaways. Based on these findings, my team decided to take a service design approach. We wanted to provide the user with a support system by incorporating a human component. We introduced the "Pulse Coach." Users would have monthly phone appointments with their Pulse Coach and get guidance as to how they can improve their health.


Another important aspect of our design was rewarding healthy behavior. Because all of the doctors and nurses we interviewed said walking is key, we decided to award "Pulse Points" for achieving a certain number of steps (dependent on the user's abilities). These Pulse Points could be redeemed at retail partners.


While the health metric data would be easily accessible, we wanted to make sure that encouraging healthy behavior was really the focus of the app. 

In addition to the interviews, we conducted a thorough literature review and comparative analysis. After compiling all of the information, we created user personas. 



The wireframes shown below were made using Sketch. The onboarding prototype (see link at the bottom) was made by and team member and me using Axure.

See Onboarding Prototype


The Heart Attack Survivor


"I want to be around for my family an watch my grandkids grow up."



The Overstressed Professional


"My father died from a heart attack at a relatively young age. I need to be proactive about my health."


The Busy Mom 

"My health worries me. I know I need to get my health on track, but I don't know how."