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We prototyped our ideas throughout the process. We had three different iterations of wireframes. The ones shown below are from the final iteration after two rounds of user testing. We used Axure.

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Techweek is a week-long festival bringing tech entrepreneurs together in different communities. Because of the mobile nature of Techweek, they needed an effective way to handle online scheduling. For this project, my team (me and one other UX designer)  tasked with redesigning the Techweek calendar and scheduling to make the online and app experience more user-friendly.

Project Overview



We developed a research plan to help us understand user needs and the requirements for the product. We conducted several user interviews with users who attended different kinds of conferences and/or festivals. We also observed as they interacted with different conferences/festival websites. We wanted to evaluate discoverability of different events and ease of scheduling once the user decides to attend a particular event. 

From there, we completed a comprehensive comparative analysis. The results are shown to the left. "User Tested" means that we asked users to complete certain tasks on those websites in order to determine common pain points as well as things that worked well.



We developed our problem statement and some key design principles to guide us through the remainder of the project.​

We developed user personas based upon the people we interviewed so that we could keep the needs of each group in mind as we designed the experience.



My team then carried out a brainstorming session where we used *thousands* of post-its and sketched our initial design ideas. Some of the challenges that we faced were determining how users would want to filter the information, how the different ticket levels should be displayed, and making the location of each event easy to find. Through our user research, we found that people use maps when scheduling events. In addition to that, having the events broken down by day also help the users plan their schedule more easily. Being able to save events for later review was also something users wanted the ability to do.

Problem Statement

Design a system that helps users discover, plan, and RSVP to the events of Techweek with ease. 

Design Principles

1. Provide a sense of time and space.

2. Easy to discover available and preferable events. 

3. Ability to create a short list for later review.

4. User can choose view format of events.

5. Easy to share and coordinate with others.